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all about healthy penis enlargement user testimonies

Penis enlargement testimonies

témoignages sur agrandissement du pénis

« The Andropenis extender is so far the best penis extender!»

Hi, my name is Alex and I’ve decided to share my experience with the Andropenis penis extender so that all men interested in enlarging their penis can make an opinion about what’s good or not. Indeed, I’ve tried two different products to obtain good results, means a bigger and thicker penis. Unfortunately I’ve not always gave a try to the right product and that is why I really wanted to share that big experience I went through so you can avoid making the same mistakes and be fooled by promising enlargement techniques that are really not reliable. First I gave a try to penis pumps and I can tell for sure that those products are in no way effective, they simply dangerous, I could not have an erection in about a month. I came so close to tragedy so I prefer to warn you!! I almost got impotent, still can’t believe it! So just keep in mind one thing, ban penis pumps from your list! After that nightmare, I’ve let a few months pass and I tried a new treatment, this time more expensive, but with medical backup, scientific studies…etc., the Andropenis penis extender. I am done with my treatment for about 6 months now and my penis size has increased of 1.4” (3,5 cm) in length and 0.40” (1cm) in girth, something about the average growth they were advertising. I’m more than happy, I’ve accomplished my dreams thanks to the andropenis. 
James, 37, New York.

«Jes-extender has changed my life»

I was sick of being moked by girls, of tacky looks from mates in the locker-room…the fact was that my penis was too small, a quite big girth but with a small length which is something that really matters. In erection I was 11 centimeters and 7 in flaccidity, nothing to be proud of. I went a few times to sexologists and urologists and then I decided to take a step further and begin a treatment with the Jes-Extender, a penis extender they recommended me. Only two months after I started the treatment, that was awesome, I’ve already gained in penis size, about 1 centimeter. I was so excited that I told a friend about it and he confessed me he actually used it and obtained very satisfactory results. I told him I’ve already gained 1 cm but that I wanted more when he told me not to worry about it since he himself has gained 5 cm two years ago and that results were absolutely permanent! Damn he was right, I’ve been using the Jes-extender for six months now and I’ve gained 3,5 cm. This is unbelievable, I don’t know when it is going to stop but I like it so much, having a big penis. Now I have erections stronger and bigger, women are so hot on me, those from the locker-room ask me what I have done! Thanks Jes-Extender, thank you so much. So guys do not hesitate anymore, go for it.  
David, 32, Santa Monica.

« Jelqing and massages have worked for me though ! »

I am only 18 years old and my penis length is now 6.5 inches in erection while two years ago it was 1.6 incles shorter!!! I didn’t know what to do, and more, this is absolutely not the kind of thing you want people to know about, even less your parents. So I browsed the web looking for penis enlargement techniques, all kind of stuffs, and I let myself convinced by the jelqing method, which looks natural and safer to me. I’ve done all the massages has told on the manual and believe me or not, but gains are real, I’ve gained 1.4 inches in 2 years, so I can really tell those massage techniques work.
Marc, 18, Louisville.

« Andropenis is the best medical penis extender for penis enlargement»

I wanted to testify my experience on this website because I undergone surgical penis enlargement two years ago. As everybody knows, this kind of operation is very expensive, includes many risks which I assumed for a result I am really happy with. But I began to have doubts when my surgeon recommended me to use the Andropenis extender to prevent from scar tissue retractions.
I went to check the website at www.andropenis.biz and I found out that this product was a medical product and offered a lot of guarantees, like renowned doctors approval and so on…then is when I understand the Andropenis is the best device for penis enlargement and that I could have used it as a stand alone treatment. Of course, I couldn’t know, so I wore it not to lose the few inches I’ve gained after surgical intervention. Even if today I am really happy with the gains I have obtained, this is really the must-have penis extender device to enlarge the penis permanently.
Xavier, 36, Glasgow.

« penis curves and peyronie disease treated with andropenis »

I was affected by what is commonly named Peyronie disease or for those who don’t know, penis curves. Clearly, when my penis was in erection it wasn’t straight but curved towards the left. Needless to say that during intercourse the things get complicated, hurtful for men, and not really funny for the girl who sees a strange penis. There is not much solution to solve that problem so I decided to see an andrologist who proposed me two solutions: penis surgery (phalloplasty) or penis extender. I spent a few days reading about penis enlargement surgery and clearly I was not really up to it since it included a lot of risks and the price, gosh!! I chose the penis extender solution with the Andropenis, which referring to my doctor, a really effective, risk-free and the cheaper solution to penis enlargement. I used the extender device for 6 months and gained 2” in length and 0.5” in girth, but above all, I have corrected the curves of my penis up to 80%, the difference is amazing. If I had to select the number #1, for me that would be the Andropenis extender without any doubt. 
Anthony, 28, Chicago.

« jelqing and massages are dangerous! »  

I’ve decided to send you this message because I’ve seen a testimony which struck me, the one from Marc who talked about massages and jelqing techniques for penis enlargement. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! These techniques are very dangerous since they consist in breaking the corpus cavernosum of the penis so that when the penis is fixed it gets bigger because of tissue regeneration. What they don’t tell you about these techniques is that your penis can heal and have curves problems. Yes you could have a curved penis up to 90° because of jelqing! Do you realize how your willy will look like? Personnaly I don’t! Neither I understand how Marc can have obtained gains in size in such proportions if not because he still has not finish his puberty. I only know that he came this close to catastrophe. So if you guys want to generate new cells to enlarge your penis size, the only solution is to use a penis extender which uses the principle of traction to create new tissues and enable an increase in penis size. Preferably use a medical backed device such as the Andropenis and the Jes-Extender because they offer guarantees, scientific and medical approval. So please, do not think about jelqing anymore to enlarge your penis because it is dangerous and impossible. Penis extenders are the only way to permanent penis enlargement.
Sim, 42, Sydney.

« surgery is expensive and after you need to use a penis extender!»

Three years ago I underwent a surgical operation to enlarge my penis. Before the enlargement operation I went to several urologists and andrologists to know about the operation process and if they could recommend me a good surgeon. I saw more than 5 surgeons of different states and I chose the one I was more confident with. A few weeks after I went on the block. What the hell!! After the operation I saw the scar literally starting to reduce the size of my penis!!!! Do you buy that, having to pay more than 6.000 dollars to have a smaller penis? I needed to use a penis extender so the surgeon gave me the Jes-Extender which he told me was one of the best post-operatory penis enlargement stretchers to prevent scar retraction.  A few months later everything was set up in place and the size of my penis has increased of 1.7 inches. From then on, I didn’t have any complexes, I could enjoy sexuality has never before.

« Thanks a lot SizeGenetics you completely changed my life »

I’ve always been looking for miracle solutions to enlarge the size of my penis, I’ve tried a lot of treatment, products, even some I would never recommend to anybody…and I’ve completely given-up, it did not work on me! Even if I was unhappy with my penis size, I still had the chance to get laid! It is easier when you’re gay than when you’re straight, but deep inside me, I was dying to have the same average penis size than my boyfriends. One day I got in a sex shop to get some stuffs and I saw a penis extender, SizeGenetics. I asked the shop owner if it was worth it but he told me he had it in shop only for two months but at least he could tell that he already sold a hundred of them, so that was “wouah…if that is not a proof!”. I decided to get my SizeGenetics program. Now I am very happy, I’ve gained near 1 inch in length, I feel simply great thanks to the SizeGenetics penis extender program.
David, 29, Bristol.


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